Orders and Requests

Whether you are looking to start a new service with TEACH, or you need to modify an existing service, please click on the TEACH Portal below to fulfill your request. Most orders without special construction are completed in three months. Orders can not be accepted with a due date of more than six months of the order submission date.

TEACH invoices our sites every June and December for the subsidized cat 1 circuit only. TEACH sites choose their ISP and are invoiced monthly by the ISP for ISP costs. TEACH sites are fully responsible for ISP costs as these costs are not subsidized by TEACH. By placing an order with TEACH, you agree to these terms. 

You must have a circuit with TEACH to be eligible for BlueJeans licenses.

Existing TEACH customers who want to place a service change order should login to our new portal below. A login ID is required and a link is provided in the portal to create a login ID if you do not have one.


TEACH Portal


BadgerNet/TEACH Order Template

Blue Jeans Order Information Form

Also, a service change form above may be completed and sent to the TEACH mailbox at teach@wisconsin.gov. This mailbox is closely monitored and your request will be fulfilled in a timely manner. OrdersandRequests.aspx


BadgerNet Order Timeline (click to enlarge)


If you have questions, or are experiencing any issues with your BadgerNet or TEACH services, please visit our Report a Problem page.